Specialists in drain cleaning and blocked drains

Do you have a blocked drain that needs the attention of a drain cleaning specialist? At Gold Coast City Plumbing, Draining and Gas, cleaning and clearing blocked drains is our specialty! Whether your drain cleaning is a emergency call out or routine service, Gold Coast City Plumbing, Draining and Gas plumbers will come fully prepared with CCTV and high pressure cleaning equipment to ensure your blocked drain not only gets clear but stays clear!

Why choose Gold Coast City Plumbing, Draining and Gas to clear your blocked drains?

  • We have the Latest Technology. Each truck has a CCTV drain camera and high pressure jetter with all the appropriate parts. Various jetter heads are used to clear the blockage and others are used to cut the roots.
  • We know DRAINS. We are drain specialists. All staff are trained and experienced to use the latest equipment and chemical treatments so that they can offer you long terms solutions to your drain problem.
  • Our emergency service is second to none.

We identify the cause of your blockage and can provide a long term solution using the latest technology that is onboard every Gold Coast City Plumbing, Draining and Gas Truck!!

We provide professional solutions and advice, not quick fixes!! Find out why we are the specilists in blocked drains on the Gold Coast today - 0412 879 912!

Your toilet can also block up while the rest of your sewer system is in working order. A blocked toilet could be a symptom of a blocked toilet drain or it could be that an object is obstructing the sewer pipe such as kids toys, or children’s nappies.

The main causes of blocked drains and blocked sewers are:

  1. Tree roots, get into your pipes through the joins and grow inside until they completely block the pipe.
  2. Debris in the pipes, such as silt and building materials.
  3. Faults in the sewer line.

Plumbing Pipes such as your kitchen sink, bathroom basin and other drains can become blocked from hair, fat and other organic particles. Clearing blocked pipes can often be as simple DIY task, although preventative maintenance is a much cheaper solution to blocked drainage.

Sometimes the only permanent solution for a Blocked Drain is the complete replacement of your old earthenware plumbing pipes with new PVC plastic plumbing pipes. If, however, you don’t want to go to all the trouble and cost of replacing your old sewer pipes with new ones, thenGold Coast City Plumbing, Draining and Gas has several cost effective solutions to keep your sewer lines and pipes clear of roots and free flowing.

The plumber can also use the CCTV drain diagnostic camera to see where the blockage is and the underlying cause of the blockage. The CCTV camera works as his eyes underground – Click here for more information. A pipe locator is also used to determine the location of the sewer pipes underground to help the plumber track where the sewer or storm water is located.